Mobile Rack

Automated Mobile Pallet Racks with Flat-Base Rails Rack Runner - Shallow Rail Type

Cost-effective Design

Only a thin layer needs to be removed to lay the rails. It therefore does not require any large-scale construction efforts, and the floor strength remains unimpaired.

A Beautifully Flat Floor Finish

The rails are laid on the floor level and secured in place with resin mortar fills. The result is a beautiful, completely flat floor surface allowing the smooth operation of forklift trucks.

Useful for Various Installation Plans

Not only is this type of rack runner suitable for existing warehouses, but it can also be installed in upper floor storage areas as it won't impair the strength of the floors.

Shallow Rail Structure

This method makes full use of the existing floor.
Only a thin layer needs to be removed to lay the rails, allowing the strength of the floor to remain unimpaired. Installation is simple and will greatly reduce construction periods.
The finished result is a beautiful, flat surface with no large slopes; thus allowing forklift trucks to operate smoothly after installation.

Compatible with various type of loads and environment


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