AS/RS (Automated storage and retrieval system)

About AS/RS

Space-saving, labor-saving, and accurate inventory management all achieved at once!

Making use of dead space

The system make full use of space right up to ceiling by the three-dimensional storage that integrates the rack and crane, and maximize the existing storage space.

Easy operation and labor-saving

The operation only requires a single tap on the touch panel or a scan of a barcode reader. The loading/unloading task becomes fully automatic.
The system helps to reduce the workload of searching, walking around and picking up products. A single worker can operate multiple cranes, realizing a remarkable labor-saving.

Easy and accurate inventory management

The key point of warehouse operations is the handling of goods and inventory control.
The warehouse management once required well-experienced and professional operator, however, an automated warehouse system can be easily and accurately managed by anyone via an inventory management computer.


The AS/RS are linked with WMS (Warehouse Management System) to automatically perform first-in and first-out, minimizing the damage and input/output of goods.

Improved safety and work environment

The space for storage and the space accessible for workers are completely separated, thus further improving the safety.
In addition, the automation of input/output minimize risks of human error and significantly improve the working environment by reducing worker workloads.

Structure of AS/RS

Compatible with various type of loads and environment


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