AS/RS (Automated storage and retrieval system)

Rack-supported building AS/RS, Auto-Stack Building

Building-integrated AS/RS with a top-class track record

Outstanding space saver

Through integrating the steel frame of racks with the building structure (foundation, walls, roof, etc.), the dead space between the racks and building can be minimized.

Highly advantageous in terms of cost, construction period, and storage capacity

The high-rise racking system secure a higher storage capacity compared to the unit-type storage system where the racks are separated from the building.
The integration of building and racks require less building materials compared to the unit-type system, which in turn reduces overall costs and construction period.

IHI's integrated engineering

IHI takes responsibility for designing, manufacturing, and constructing everything from buildings to equipment.

Auto-stack building

Auto-stack building for automobiles

Auto-stack building for frozen goods

Compatible with various type of loads and environment


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