Introducing the product lineup brimming with IHI's outstanding technologies applied in the fields of storage, transport, sorting, and picking.


Automated warehouses are available in pallet type, case type, and the built-in type, thus making it possible to efficiently store a wide range of materials from small items such as cardboard cases to long goods.
We have a wealth of experience in various industries ranging from dangerous goods storage, refrigerated and frozen goods storage, and vehicle storage.
Thus achieving labor- and space-saving elements for warehouses and factories.


This unmanned transport vehicle is available in railed or trackless forms to realize the automated transport of materials between fixed points.
Full automation from storage to transport can be achieved by coordinating the transport vehicle with the automated warehouse.
We have a wealth of experience in various industries ranging from food products, newspapers, and pharmaceuticals
with capabilities to handle a wide range of cargo from rolls, long goods, heavy goods, and frozen goods.

Sorting and Picking

Today's logistics industry faces a serious labor shortage issue that demands labor-saving and high-capacity solutions for sorting tasks.
The Shuttle & Server can achieve automation of sorting tasks which is both fast and accurate.
Additionally, IHI's palletizing/depalletizing robots liberates the workers from the loading/unloading tasks of cargo. This includes cargo such as cardboard boxes, a considerably heavy labor task in logistics work.

Information Systems

A new warehouse management system is made reality via
a variety of functions that combine the know-how generated from our extensive track record.
We provide support ranging from streamlining warehouse tasks to delivering accuracy in warehouse management by analysis, evaluation, and forecasting.


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