Fact Liner

A Fact Liner is a trackless carrier that can be easily combined with other logistics system and material handling equipment through the use of numerous transfer devices; such as roller conveyors, push-pulls, and lifters.
Both magnetic-guided AGVs and laser-guided AGVs can navigate spin turns and traversal movements, enabling efficient and unmanned transport through complex routes.


Standard AGV

Standard LGF (Laser Guided Forklift)

Roll Transport AGV

Low-floor AGV (Freezer Compatible)

Double Pallet Transport AGV

IHI caters to the diverse needs of our customers with a wide-ranging lineup.

Navigation Systems

  • IHI's Fact Liners are compatible with both magnetic and laser guidance systems.
  • IHI offers optimal navigation solutions based on the implemented system.

Magnetic guided System

Pictured is an example using adhesive magnetic tape

Navigation System A thin and flexible magnetic guide path (made with permanent magnet) is embedded in the floor. Installation of stop and deceleration markers are not required.
Flooring Installation Work Installation work is required to embed the guide paths into the floor.
(Installation work is not required when adhesive magnetic tape is used)
Layout Modification Possible with flooring installation work (to install the guide paths)
Stopping Capability ±10mm
Other Features Guide paths adopt the permanent magnets that can withstand dirt and wear and tear by being stepped. The embedded-type system do not require any maintenance or concern for disconnection.

Laser-guided System

Laser oscillator


Navigation System Simple attachment of laser reflector to walls and pillars.
No markers are required.
Flooring Installation Work No floor construction is required. No dust will be generated from the installation.
Layout Modification Possible to modify as you wish.
A change of route is easily achieved with the controller.
Stopping Capability ±5mm
Other Features The reflectors are semi-permanent and have no layout constraints.

Steering system

Front-wheel steering system

Power wheel steering system

Independent wheel steering system

Charging Systems

  • IHI offers charging systems tailored to your layout and operating conditions to maximize your transportation capabilities; such as automatic battery swaps, automatic auxiliary battery charging, automatic fast charge, and manual charging (replacement), etc.
Automatic battery swap system Automatic auxiliary battery charging
Pros Achieves high rate of utilization
(Approx. 99%) *1
Requires no manpower・inexpensive
Cons Some space is required to install the automatic replacement device Not suitable for systems with high utilization rates
Automatic fast charge Manual charging (replacement)
Pros Achieves high rate of utilization
(Approx. 83%) *2
Small battery sizes are ideal for compact vehicles
Cons Both battery and charging devices are expensive Manpower required

*1 Example: the battery is replaced once every 8 hours. Time required for replacement = 5 minutes. Utilization rate = (8 x 60 - 5)/(8 x 60) = 99%
*2 Example: the battery is charged after every task. Time required for 1 task = 5 minutes. Time required for 1 charge = 1 minute. Utilization rate = 5 / (5 + 1) x 100 = 83%

Safety Features

  • Various safety measures are implemented to enable workers to operate comfortably alongside the vehicles.
  • The ground control computer comes with UPS as standard to prevent data loss in the event of a power outage.
  • All control devices and applications are designed to be failsafe.

Compatible with various type of loads and environment


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